Black Raspberry Merlot

- Kits listed below will produce 30, 375ml bottles.
- Regular Price Includes: Taxes, Service Fees, Corks and the use of our equipment.
- Please use the website links for varieties available under each price series.

Cranberry Shiraz

Tangerine Pinot Grigio

Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz

Peach Chardonnay

Green Apple Suavignon Blanc

Skinny Mist

Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris

Black Cherry Pinot Noir

Wildberry Shiraz

Niagara Mist

Strawberry Lychee Traminer

Exotic Fruits White Zinfandel

Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc

Peach Apricot Chardonnay

A refreshing alternative to wine or coolers. They are a perfect balance of fruit and wine. Not to sweet and not to dry.

RJ Spagnols Cru Specialty

Special Wines

Strawberry White Zinfandel

Regular Price $110.86

Blackberry Malbec

Please visitVineco Website for a detail description each wine listed below.

Crandberry Malbec

Wildberry White Zinfandel

Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio

Regular Price $124.61

Raspberry Peach Sangria

Looking to quench your thirst?

Try our Hard Pink Lemonade / Hard Limeade Call us

Island Mist

A uniquely refreshing wine beverage with a bold splash of ripe fruit that is designed to bridge the gap between traditional coolers and lighter wines.

Naughty Merlot

Please visit Winexpert's website for a detail description of each wine listed below freshness of distinctive varietal wines with full flavours, this unique winemaking kit makes a fun, refreshing wine-based beverage to enjoy anytime. Can be enjoyed immediately after bottling.

Tropical Fruit Riesling

Mango Strawberry Moscato

Slight White Tropical Riesling

Raspberry Merlot

Winexpert Selection Special

- Kits listed below will produce 30, 750ml bottles.
- Regular Price includes: Taxes, service fees, corks and use of our equipment.
- Please use the website links for varieties available under each price series.

Orchard Crips Riesling

Strawberry White Merlot

BluePom White Merlot

Showcases our remarkable specialty wines. With innovations like our F-pack, our Port, Sherry and Icewine styles all offering luscious long, rich finishes. Contains 100% varietal grape juice and concentrates, balanced to produce wines of award winning quality.

Please visit Winexpert's Website for a detail description of each wine.

Sangria Zinfandel Blush

Cocktails, Coolers & Special Wines

Green Apple Riesling

White Cranberry Pinot Gris

Regular Price $124.61

Pomegranate Zinfandel

Regular Price: $110.86

Two Classic port styles. Orange Chocolate port & White Chocolate. Please visit RJ Spagnols website for a detail description.

Regular Price: $110.86

Nice Pinot Grigio

Pink Grapefruit Blush

Blackberry Cabernet

Merlittle Blackberry Merlot

Kiwi-Pear Sauvignon Blanc