Wedding & Event Planning!

Planning a special day. Depending on your budget and the time available before the event we'll be glad to assist you in making the best decision. If your wedding is only a couple of months away, we recommend a Vintners Reserve or World Vineyard kit. If Your event is beyond 3 months, and your budget allows, a 6 or 8 week wine kit may be your choice.

    Generally, the better the quality of the wine kit, the aging time is lengthened. If you don't require the full package (wine, bottles or custom labels) talk to us and we will work with you guaranteeing you a very good price.

Weddings, Events & LTD Wines

All of the packages listed below include the wine, corks, shrink caps, winery fees, taxes and 30 - 750ml bottles.

5 Week
Chai Maison - $126.70
Wine Coolers - $129.95
Vintners Reserve - $139.00
World Vineyard - $144.00

6 Week

Original 162.75
Intern'l  173.05

8 Week

Skins 189.15
Eclipse 213.00

These packages do not include labels, Please ask us regarding pricing.